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Based in Phoenix, J. Mark Heldenbrand, PC represents Arizona creditors in collection proceedings, understanding that unpaid debts can greatly impact the revenue stream of a business and ability to operate. We assist creditors of all types, including federal credit unions, auto lenders, landlords, retailers, wholesalers, doctors, and dentists, and have the resources to collect anywhere in the United States.

Results-oriented, Professional Debt Collection Tactics

At J. Mark Heldenbrand, PC, we emphasize a results-oriented approach to debt collection, working hard to help our clients receive the money they are owed from borrowers, customers, and clients. In our experience, we have found that debtors are often more willing to pay their debts when collections are handled in a polite, courteous manner. Furthermore, professional collection tactics reflect well on our clients, while being effective. Our success is measured by the many long-term relationships we have established with Arizona creditors.

Obtaining a Judgment, Garnishment Order & Other Collection Options

Before taking active measures to collect on a debt, a creditor must receive a judgment in court declaring that the creditor has the legal right to demand payment from the debtor. This generally involves filing a lawsuit against the debtor. Once a judgment has been granted in a creditor’s favor, various tools are available to locate and convert debtor assets.In certain cases, we can obtain a garnishment order, which allows a creditor to take a debtor’s property or wages before the debtor has possession of the property or income. Under a wage garnishment order, a creditor can contact the debtor’s employer and require the employer to deduct a certain portion of the debtor’s wages each pay period and send the money to the creditor. Other methods of collecting on a judgment debt include a levy on the debtor’s bank account and/or liens on the debtor’s property.

Debtor Assistance

Given our knowledge and understanding of the methods used by creditors to collect on debts, J. Mark Heldenbrand, PC is an invaluable resource for debtors who need assistance dealing with creditors and settling their debts. We have helped many businesses proactively assess their legal options in regard to outstanding bills, and negotiate new and more favorable terms with creditors, thus allowing businesses to continue operations and return to financial stability. Seek Experienced, Effective Representation

At J. Mark Heldenbrand, PC, we understand how to professionally, yet effectively, enforce the rights of creditors in collections cases. If you or your business is unable to collect a valid debt from a customer, client, or borrower, please contact our offices in Phoenix. We represent many creditors on a contingency fee basis, which means your legal fees are deferred until we collect on your behalf. Se habla español.